The Pasty Cam
September 23 - 29, 2001
Saturday, September 29

By far this has been the greenest Autumn in recent memory.  The Still Waters garden looks like mid-July.

Hard to believe snow is about a month away.
Garden just won't quit
The webmaster's Mom
Friday, September 28

We couldn't resist another shot near the same location as yesterday's, nearing the end of shirtsleeve weather.

That's a butterfly in her hand.
Thursday, September 27

The shoreline at Calumet Waterworks Park is decorated with some intricate sculptures...

Peter Chiomenti found this one resting on the rocks.
Nature's art
Wednesday, September 26

Pasty Cam mosies along the breakwater at Jacobsville with Peg Riemer.

Notice how choppy the surface is to our left on the way out and right on the way back.
Tuesday, September 25

Let's sneak around back of this old mining era building to see a fallen smoke stack.

Where is it?
EXTRA:  Read about an event this week to learn more Copper Country history.
photo by Kraig Mahrley
Deep in the woods
Monday, September 24

Doug Smith finds some deer camouflaged among the changing leaves, thinking of winter on a day like today.

Brrrr.. chilly temps in the U.P.
Sunday, September 23

The past and the present on today's Cam... a shoebox memory of Douglas Houghton Falls, and up-to-the minute report from USS Kearsarge.

First Lieutenant Keith Sheffler
Douglas Houghton Falls
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