The Pasty Cam
September 9 - 15, 2001
Saturday, September 15

Flags across the UP, as across the nation, show our support and sorrow for fellow Americans stunned by a week of tragedy.

The scene at Still Waters in Calumet, home of Pasty Central.
Colors at half-staff
Loosing our weather guy?
Friday, September 14

Does anybody know the story behind this sign?  It's along US-41 in Calumet, just across from the TV station.

Saying goodbye.
Thursday, September 13

Friendship seems to mean a lot more during these troubled days, as we ponder the events of the week.

Thank you to all who have shared your thoughts here in Cam Notes.
photo by Bryan and Becky Howard
Wednesday, September 12

Today the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund approved a grant to purchase 6,000 acres at the tip of the Keweenaw.

...including the land here at Montreal Falls.
Tuesday, September 11
In Memory
A day of mourning in the US for the victims of a national tragedy. 
While the events seem so far away, they affect us all.
Through the leaves
Monday, September 10

Wonder how many Pasty Cam's have been shot from a tree?  Scott Laurie of Mohawk goes above and beyond...

notes get a higher view of Keweenaw's horizon.
Sunday, September 9

In our continuing Shoebox Memories of the Copper Country, here's a little copper...

...from an old postcard which Melodie Hayes found in her shoebox.
All in a day's work
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