The Pasty Cam
September 2 - 8, 2001
Saturday, September 8

Dolly and Rod Johnson pass the Lift Bridge this morning on the walk for Alzheimer's research.

A number of Still Waters staff participated.
Waterfront walk
Along the rocky shore
Friday, September 7

As each busy week comes to an end, sometimes we just need a quiet place to get away. 

A walk along the rocks together.
Thursday, September 6

In June of '99 we awarded the Golden Pasty to Coppertown USA, and today the Pasty Cam pays another visit.

Check out their online exhibits.
Coppertown USA
There's no place like home
Wednesday, September 5

In need of a little paint (and everything else), the former home of "Hermit Joe" in Delaware. 

Hey, boy, shouldn't you be in school?
Tuesday, September 4

Why do trees along the Lake shore assume this classic pose? Is that Mt. Bohemia in the distance?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Near Bete Grise
Take a deep breath!
Monday, September 3
Happy Labor Day
What did you do on your summer vacation?  We certainly hope it included some Copper Country inspiration. 
Vintage postcard from the
C.C. "Vacationist League"
Sunday, September 2

In 1945 trains were still crossing the old "King Bridge" built in 1895 over the Portage Canal. 

Find a wealth of such shoebox memories at
The old swing bridge
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