The Pasty Cam
April 8 - 14, 2001
Split Rock
Saturday, April 14

Anybody know where this is?  Is there a town of Split Rock in the U.P.?

Rocks/stones appeared 5 days this week - 
all but Sunday and Friday.
Friday, April 13

Jan Gustafson recenty spotted this bobcat feeding on a deer at Gay.  This shot is making the rounds as a "forward" across the U.P....

...and ended up on the Pasty Cam.
Wildlife near Gay
Great Wall of... Keweenaw
Thursday, April 12

This is that "in-between" time in the Copper Country.  The fluffy white of winter is gone, the fresh green of spring hasn't yet arrived.

This perspective is from MTU by the original Pasty Camist, Jon Hopper.


...who will graduate next month with a degree in Computer Science.

Wednesday, April 11

It's raining today across the region.  Dan U catches the Spring runoff at the Big Iron River.

Is that thunder or just the water's roar?
Refreshment from the U.P.
Great Wall of... Keweenaw
Tuesday, April 10

A year ago the Cam stood here looking north (this is south).  Snow was gone then... still a little here now...

...though it has been receeding fast.
Monday, April 9

No snow today, like 92 years ago (see yesterday), just scattered frost... Dan Urbanski takes a closer look.

Down to earth Pasty Cam.
Frost on the rocks
Courtesy of CC Reflections
Sunday, April 8

On this day in 1909 Calumet received a legendery snow storm, as reported by Chuck Voelker in Copper Country Reflections

George Shultz was a Keweenaw Pasty Camist in those days.
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