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Young Eagles

Young Eagles is a program that allows 8-17 year old children to experience flight for the first time in a light aircraft. There is no cost, but the program is only for first-time fliers. Accommodations will be provided, to the best of the pilot's ability, for children with disabilities who want to fly.

All Young Eagle flights will be dependent on cloud cover and weather conditions. Flights typically take place after EAA meetings on the second Saturday of each month. The co-coordinators for the Young Eagles program are Craig Kimmer and Todd Lewis. If you would like to get information on upcoming flight days or would like to reserve a ride, Craig can be reached at , or via email: craig.kimmer@eaa1270.org. Todd can be reached at 281-7586.

This year's fly-in was August 6th 2017 10am to 2pm. (announcement)