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Week of March 22 - 28, 1998
Saturday 3/28
Still foggy and rainy in the Keweenaw Saturday a.m.  The rest of the snow will surely be gone after we reach 60 degrees today.
 (Cliff Drive ahead, US 41 curves right past Ahmeek)
Just past the Allouez Amoco, going north
The Lift Bridge
Friday 3/27
A foggy Friday morning at the Marina in Ripley. The Lift Bridge is so photogenic, even in reduced visiblility.
(normally that smooth water is solid ice this time of the year)
Thursday 3/26
Here goes the Pasty Cam, back up Quincy Hill.  Notice how the snow has disappeared since earlier in the week.  (warm rain last night in the Keweenaw)
Quincy Mine - World's Largest Steam Hoist
Ray St. Peter
Wednesday 3/25
This former Hubbell resident is only one Jilbert milk cap away from winning big.  Way to go, Ray!
(A classic Yooper grin:  mmmBingo! eh?)
Tuesday 3/24
On the way to Hancock, down Quincy Hill.  If the Pasty Cam had turned 180 degrees, you would see the world's largest steam hoist.  (maybe we'll pass back this way later in the week)
Still Waters Pastymobile
MMM-Muffin !
Monday 3/23
Monday morning in the U.P.  Time for breakfast.  How about a Giant Muffin from the Hilltop in L'Anse?  (man does not live by pasties alone!)
Sunday 3/22
The new State Police post in Calumet, and in the rearview mirror you can see down US 41 toward Hancock.  (dual-vision Pasty Cam!)
Calumet State Police Post
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