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Week of March 15 - 21, 1998
March 21, 1998
The Douglass Houghton Memorial is in need of some repair this spring. If you can help, please leave a note.
(not a cloud in the sky today here in Eagle River.)
Douglass Houghton Monument
Gitche Gumee Bible Camp
March 20, 1998
 Eagle River will become very busy later today, as 180 ladies arrive for the first scheduled retreat of the season at Gitche Gumee.
(they will be greeted with the least amount of snow in recent memory)
March 19, 1998
In regard to this winter, the whole story is right here.  And El Nino appears to be winning.
(compare gas prices with last Thursday 3/12 to see how far they fell in a week.)
Heikki Lunta vs. El Nino
Scott and Becca from Colorado... Yoopers at heart
March 18, 1998
Introducing a new feature known as "Past-e-mail", these smiling faces arrived in the Keweenaw by way of the Internet.  See what others are saying about Pasty Central.
(thanks to  Scott and Becca's mom Ellen for sending this as an email attachment)
March 17, 1998
At the request of several Pasty Cam viewers, here's the stately Laurium Manor Inn Bed and Breakfast.
(someday we'll have to let PC bring you pictures from an inside tour!)
Laurium Manor Inn
Copper Kings State Champs
March 16, 1998
Ironically, yesterday afternoon downtown Calumet
hosted a parade for the returning victorious Copper Kings.
(hockey state champs, as the bus windows proclaim)
The second fire truck here is passing the very spot
where it sat about 12 hours earlier in the next picture.
March 15, 1998
In the early hours of Sunday morning the Pasty Cam captured this scene in downtown Calumet:  firemen making their deposit at 
First National Bank. 
(the Official bank of Pasty Central, and no, we don't have money to burn.)
Fire in Calumet
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