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Week of March 8 - 14, 1998
Saturday 3/14
The snow came this week just in time for Delaware Days.  These guys are up pretty early on a Saturday morning.  (by the way, the Copper Kings won yesterday in Flint.  See 3/12 below.)
The snow is back!
Gert Keranen
Friday 3/13
Yesterday was Gert Keranen's birthday.  When the Pasty Cam asked how old she was, with a straight face she somberly replied, "Old enough for the rock pile!" 
(We all laughed with her until we cried.  Gert is 95.)
Thursday 3/12
Two items of significance: the Calumet Hockey team will have a long bus ride, and whopper juniors are on sale for 89 cents.)  (but you would  rather have a pasty, right?)
Calumet Amoco/Burger King
Lake Superior
Wednesday 3/11
During a brief break in the weather, the Pasty Cam wanders along the Superior shoreline.  Ah, what a great lake!  (notice the open water, normally all ice this time of winter)
Tuesday 3/10
Those are dogsleds, on top of the doggie motel. Love those boots. Still no new snow.  (Later in the day we had white-out conditions.)  (snapped outside of the Kauppi Konvenience store in Mohawk)
Dogsled Racers
Still Waters Gardens
Monday 3/9
Actually this is from last night, the pavilion in the Still Waters garden at sunset (Calumet skyline in the distance).  Quiet now, but come this summer it will be a busy place!  (the Pasty Cam hopes to bring you many beautiful garden scenes when things start blooming)
Sunday 3/8
Coming down the hill from Kearsarge as the Pasty Cam travels toward Mohawk.  (still a remarkable lack of snow for this time of year)
The Last Place On Earth
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