The Pasty Cam
March 14 - 20, 1999
 Saturday, March 20

This week we have visited Houghton, Hancock, Copper Harbor, Ontonagon, Calumet, Mohawk, and... we end up at the old schoolhouse near the bridge in Eagle River.

(most shots this week have been requested by our viewers)

Old Schoolhouse
Copper Harbor Lighthouse
Friday, March 19

The Copper Harbor Lighthouse has often been mentioned as a good subject for the Pasty Cam.  What U.P. sights would you like to see?

(guest photo by Jon Anderson)

 Thursday, March 18

News flash!  Great Pyramids discovered today in the Copper Country.  Let's back-up the Pasty Cam a few feet and take another look at the big picture...

(... as seen on the MTU campus)

Great Pyramids?
The Shamrock
Wednesday, March 17
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Happened to catch a glimpse of green passing through Ontonagon again... Today's big picture gives the panorama a few blocks up main street.

(you'll notice we still have snow on the ground)

 Tuesday, March 16

St. Urho's day, wearing of the purple, grasshoppers be gone, etc.  Pasty Cam finally spotted some purple in this rider's jacket.

(A couple of die-hard sledders filling up at the Kauppi in Mohawk... Oh... remember the dog sledders we saw here a year ago?  He was wearing some purple, too.)

Fill 'er up
Keweenaw sunrise
Monday, March 15

The snow is so crunchy on these late winter mornings.  Hard to believe it's half way through the month.

(By the way, Hancock won the state B-C-D Hockey championship over the weekend)

 Sunday, March 14

Out for a Sunday cruise in the Keweenaw under blue skies.  We've heard the old State Police post in Calumet is slated to become a museum.

(the big picture shows the fine stone work)

Old Calumet State Police post
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