The Pasty Cam
March 7 - 13, 1999
 Saturday, March 13

Ahh... a quiet spot by Big Traverse.  The Pasty Cam's sharp eye never tires of bringing you scenes from the northwoods.

(can almost smell the pine and cedar... or is that your monitor overheating?)

In the woods, near Traverse River
The gang's all here
Friday, March 12

A group up from Illinois gets a head start on the weekend.  Trails are still in good shape, all the way from Copper Harbor to Green Bay.

(no place like the U.P. for havin' fun)

Whoa!! The next picture brought us an outpouring of reponses from all over... some right, some wrong... The first correct answer came from Jean McGrath...
Thursday, March 11

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a Landmark Building:  The Old County Courthouse.  But can you name which county?

(Jean was first to get it right and we'll send her a free Yooper Calendar)

answer:  Ontonagon

Old County Courthouse
Ontonagon Hwy 45 sign
Wednesday, March 10

From the northern Lake to the southern Gulf, US 45 carries 1300 miles of traffic which begins right here in Ontonagon.

(notice no buds on the trees yet in the U.P.)

Tuesday, March 9

This is such an intriguing stretch of US 41... the Pasty Cam has seen the cliffs at sunset... we have watched the clouds in spring time... and this morning we share the moments just before a late winter sunrise.

(Copper Country beauty from your friends up north)

Cliffs at sunrise
Sunny snowmobile trail
Monday, March 8

Winter blindness as we approach the ridge on the way to Trap Rock Valley.  Stay to the right... we might meet some other sleds just over the hill.

(Keweenaw trails have been great this year)

Sunday, March 7

Last night the Hancock Bulldogs invaded Houghton (MTU arena) and defeated the Gremlins, winning the trophy and a trip downstate to face the Flint team.

(Today's Pasty-animation brings the action)

Gremlins and Bulldogs make peace
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