The Pasty Cam
February 27 - March 6, 1999

Delaware Days...Snowmobile ride-in
 Saturday, March 6

Though smaller than in years past, the Delaware days ride-in was a safe success. It allowed snowmobilers from all over the midwest to enjoy a beautiful winter day in the Keweenaw.

(Drag Racing was a main event.)

 Friday, March 5

In our continued travels off the beaten path, this non-Mining Gazette newsbox was spied at Jacobsville near the sandstone quarry.  Only about 597 miles from Ann Arbor.

(even Yoopers say Go Blue)

Foreign newsbox on UP soil
Stone Container in Ontonagon
Thursday, March 4

At last!  The Pasty Cam finally makes it to Ontonagon.  We've had many requests... so much to see we'll probably be back soon.

(never knew Ontonagon had a marina)

 Wednesday, March 3

For all you regular cam viewers who requested it, here is the one and only Gay Bar.  We got a little fresh snow this week.

(time to hit the trails again)

The Gay Bar
Northern Lights over Lake Superior
Tuesday, March 2

Very early this morning the Pasty Cam shivered on the beach at Eagle River to capture the Aurora Borealis just for you.

(takes a minute to load, but here's an animation of the sight)
side note: the bottom third of the photo is a reflection of the lights on the car top

Monday, March 1

As Alex Voelker starts his second year, so does the Pasty Cam.  The grandmas and grandpas (and great ones, too) got together for a yooper birthday celebration.

(...and Pasty Cam is celebrating with a neat new screen saver.  Email us for details.)
P.S.  Alex appeared on the Pasty Cam a numberoftimes through the past year

Happy Birthday Alex and Pasty Cam
Laurium/Calumet First Baptist Church
Sunday, February 28

Brrr!.. The fog became mist... then rain... then sleet... then blowing snow this morning in Pastyland.  On the border between Calumet and Laurium, we revisit a spot where we stood last May.

(1st Baptist, where Pastor Hart spoke today)

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