The Pasty Cam
February 21 - 27, 1999
Saturday, February 27

Along the trail that leads to Fitzgerald's, the deer take time out from their busy feeding schedule to stare in wonder at a passing snowmobiler...

(..."eh, where's his helmet?")

Deer admire a snowmobiler
Sno-go on a side street
Friday, February 26

While some areas of the country are already trimming grass, in the U.P. we're still trimming snow banks.  Here's a moving picture of this snowgo at work (takes a minute to load.)

(hmmm... a Zamboni and a Snogo in the same week?  Wonder if they're related)

 Thursday, February 25

Dark line on the snow is dairy feed... water in the distance is Lake Superior... let's take a closer look at our hungry guests...

(breakfast, 8am today, Eagle River)

A herd of deer by the Lake
Typical U.P. home, typical February day
Wednesday, February 24
I was born in the Calumet area and lived at 707 Elm St.  The year I graduated from Calumet High my Dad, Homer Eister, was  laid off from C&H, where he worked for many years.  I was  wondering if the house is still there, it was across the street from the Morrison school where I attended and spent many hours playing baseball in the school yard.  ....  I now live in Suttons Bay and check your pages every day.  I would like to commend you for the outstanding and informative work you and your staff are doing.  It is next best thing to being there. ...Charles Eister
 Tuesday, February 23

A string of sunny days has blessed the winter wonderland.  That white patch on the distant hillside is the Ripley Ski Area...

( seen across the frozen Portage Canal)

Sunny but cold in the Copper Country
Smoothing the ice
Monday, February 22

When the players and fans go home, Zamboni-man does his magic on the ice.  The scene last night at the Armory in Calumet.

(the Big Picture shows his work up close)

 Sunday, February 21

Bright sunshine, blue skies, cold temps as the Pasty Cam appreciates the architecture of the old Community Center in Chassell, corner of 3rd and Willson Memorial Drive...

(...also known as US 41)

Community Center in Chassell
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