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February 14 - 20, 1999
February wedding in the snow
Saturday, February 20

A beautiful day for a wedding amid snow and pines.  Pasty Cam caught some of the guests who witnessed Steve and Andrea Jones tie the knot this afternoon.

( the Lounge at Gitche Gumee)

 Friday, February 19

Fresh snow this week has rekindled the enthusiasm of the trail people.  This guy appears to be balancing a snowmobile on both sides of his pickup.

(How do they do that?   How will they UN-DO that?)

Tourist or resident Yooper?
Portage Health Systems Construction
Thursday, February 18

As the snow has come down, a new hospital has gone up.  Portage Health Systems is moving up the hill on the Hancock side sometime later this year.

(formerly Portage View Hospital)

 Wednesday, February 17

A fresh blanket to cover the dirty slush... but watch out... it's slick.  Over there you can see the lift bridge in the locked-down position.

(Have you ever seen Gemignani's moving 
lift bridge?)

Snowy loop in Houghton, Michigan
Quincy Mine buildings
Tuesday, February 16

Did you know that Pasty Central hosts a number of U.P. Internet domains? is one good example, a neat site to browse for some Copper Country history.

(...and a fascinating place to visit when you're in the Keweenaw)

 Monday, February 15

Our roving Mr. Cam is usually so busy soaking in the scenery of the U.P. that we rarely see anything close-up.  But today the heat from the old stove in Wood Crafters feels so good, he just has to take a closer look.

(anybody for a sauna?)

Acme Giant Potbellied Stove
Sheldon Avenue near the Post Office
Sunday, February 14
Happy Valentine's Day

When cold Arctic air meets Lake Superior moisture, the results can be seen in places like downtown Houghton.

(one month ago the Pasty Cam stood near the stop lights up ahead)

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