The Pasty Cam
January 31 - February 6, 1999
 Saturday, February 6

No, this is not snow scuplture... it's the real life drama of a fire in downtown Calumet early this morning.

(It has been a busy week here in the Keweenaw)

Copper Country Firemen at night
Hot Pasties
Friday, February 5

With all the time we've spent outdoors this week at the Winter Carnival, it's nice to come back in where it's warm and have a fresh pasty hot from the oven.

(after all... this is the Pasty Cam)

 Thursday, February 4, (2 a.m.)

Tech campus was a busy place over night, as this year's icy creations were completed.  Pasty Cam is happy to provide extra coverage of the festivities.

(...and Mother Nature has cooperated with lower temps :o)

Cheers and Tears of the Last 100 Years
Sunrise rock, after a fresh snow
Wednesday, February 3

With all the melting yesterday, the snow had begun to dirty a bit.  But then a few fresh inches, it felt like living in a picture postcard once more...

(...until it promplty started melting again)

 Tuesday, February 2

Snow statue work continued into the wee hours this morning at Michigan Tech, sometimes in pouring rain... yuk :o( ... The weather didn't seem to dampen enthusiasm.

(Also check out the MTU pages)

Michelangelo on ice
Too dear  8^ b
Monday, February 1

The deer really seem to enjoy this warm spell.  Leave a little molasses rich feed and they'll come right up to the house.

(don't leave them any feed and they'll eat your bushes)

 Sunday, January 31

Last night as the Keweenaw sun set, the "Blue Moon" rose... the second full moon we've had this month.  March '99 will also have a Blue Moon, though they usually average about 3 years apart.

(The Pasty Cam captured quite a different sky in this spot last spring)

Sunset over the Cliffs
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