The Pasty Cam
January 24 - 30, 1999
 Saturday, January 30

A perfect day for sliding down Swedetown Hill... or a little cross country skiing.  This shot was requested by several visitors.

(so many memories, so little time)

Swedetown Hill west of Calumet
Almost too warm for the statues at MTU
Friday, January 29

High expected near 40 today.  Where are the snow builders?  They've take a break to go to *Heikinpaiva over on the Hancock side of the canal.

(*a Finnish commemoration of winter's midpoint)

 Thursday, January 28

Some enterprising yooper shoveled all day, hoping for a letter... found only tax forms.

(now we can appreciate the box we saw on Pasty Cam last June)

The mail must go through
Please... NOT the 8 a.m. class again!
Wednesday, January 27

This one's for all MTU Alumni who frequent the Cam.  Scheduling this week at Tech for the Spring term.

(After this is out of the way, it's back outside to work on the snow sculptures)

 Tuesday, January 26

A little break in the weather allows the snogo to do it's thing on Calumet Avenue and up toward Kearsarge.

(notice the answered request on the sign)
((you might have to zoom in))

Heikki Lunta Do Your Thing
Gazette Building, waterfront view
Monday, January 25

Hold the presses!  Pasty Cam was running behind today because the Pasty Cameraman had to shovel his driveway...

(...snowblower went flooey.  But we still managed to get a shot requested by viewers)

 Sunday, January 24

Late last night (or was it early this morning?) your friendly neighborhood Pasty Cam was roaming the streets of Calumet.

(Beauty everywhere in the U.P... even at night)

Fifth Street at night
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