The Pasty Cam
January 17 - 23, 1999
Snow sculpture taking shape
Saturday, January 23

Tucked in behind Fisher Hall, the snow artisans have left their posts to study for mid-terms.  They'll be back tonight...

(...notice the suspended light bulb)

 Friday, January 22

Mountains of snow in every parking lot these days.  Perhaps this mound will become a snow sculpture next week.

(Juice from UPPCO powers the server)

UPPCO building in Houghton
Let's not become road kill, my deer.
Thursday, January 21

Run boys and girls!  Run like the wind!  Pasty Cam waits as these winter pedestrians head down Road 8 toward Lake Superior.

(A red fox is just out of our view further down the road)

 Wednesday, January 20

Between Jacobs Falls and Great Sand Bay is this little cabin nestled in among the pines and the birch trees.

(On M-26, known as Sand Dune Drive)

Butala Cottage
Love these old  mining company  houses
Tuesday, January 19

Eino:  Hey, Toivo. Wanna go C-Span?  State of da' Union?

Toivo:  Nah..... How 'bout some nintindo haukey?

(a couple of true Yoopers, after a hard day at Tech)

Monday, January 18

What a difference a day makes!  This evening the sky has disappeared in a blur of white and gray.  Notice the wet and heavy snow on the power lines.

(...and on the trees, as you can see in today's big picture)

Gathering around the village pump
Keweenaw Snowmobile Sunset
Sunday, January 17

A lone rider heads for home with the blazing Copper Country sunset behind him.  The Pasty Cam stood here on Bumbletown Hill a few months back...

(with quite a different view)

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