The Pasty Cam
January 10 - 16, 1999
Construction at MTU
Saturday, January 16

Those Techies sure know how to build a snow sculpture.  But wait... it's only the crew at the new fine arts building.

(and we thought it was an ice replica of Carnegie Hall)

 Friday, January 15

Facing Houghton, overlooking Dollar Bay, as the Pasty Cam slides down Point Mills Road.

(Actually, the inset sign is on M-26, more heavily traveled than this back road)

Point Mills Road near Dollar Bay
Downtown Houghton
Thursday, January 14

The road crews do a great job with sand on the snow.  Seems almost like driving down the beach.  A whole bunch better than just salt...

(...and better for the cars, too.)

 Wednesday, January 13

It's a better winter for business in Copper Harbor this year.  Shop owners don't mind the extra effort needed to keep the path open to their door.

(By the way... today Pasty Cam  introduces:
"The Big Picture"
Click the image to see what we mean...)

Copper Harbor snow scooper
Keweenaw Sunrise
Tuesday, January 12

Just enough clearing and pause in the steady snowfall to see the sun peek down on Our Lady of Peace in Ahmeek.

(we sure miss the trees which came down this year)

 Monday, January 11

MTU Alumni will recognize this long walk... and remember the freezing hands and biting wind... and all the other joys of winter in the Copper Country.

(remember your first Winter Carnival?)

On campus at Michigan Tech
Sunday, January 10
Out the Pasty Cam's front window
The whole peninsula seems to be leaning in the direction the wind is blowing.  Last Summer we saw the view from the Pasty Cam's bedroom window, and this is the way it looks today from the living room, facing the street.

(the tarp in the left lower edge of the picture is sheltering a couple of snowmobiles)

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