The Pasty Cam
January 3 - 9, 1999
 Saturday, January 9

In the wee hours of the morning, Pasty Cam spots a familiar scene at Michigan Tech during January: snow engineers raising the framework for this year's Winter Carnival.

(...and the Pasty People will be there to bring you live coverage...stay tuned)

Night work on snow scultptures
Houghton County Road Commission
Friday, January 8

The Cam gets up close and personal with your friendly neighborhod snow scraper on US-41.  Have you ever seen the animated sno-go on the North Shore Wreath page?

(it never runs out)

 Thursday, January 7

Nestled up there among the roof snow, phone lines, and fire escapes in Hancock, Vollerth's extolls the regal flavor of their ring bologna.  Actually this is not intended as a word from our sponsor... just one of those memorable U.P. sights.

( shall not live by pasties alone...)

Vollwerth's sign
Hazardous driving in Lake Linden
Wednesday, January 6

The phenomenon known as "white-out" is the most common scene today in the Keweenaw, with 40+ mph winds whipping a fresh round of snow.

(eh, turn your lights on, buddy!)

 Tuesday, January 5

A few weeks ago the Pasty Cam caught a glimpse of our roof in the left edge of this picture.  Today, from inside Pasty Central, we see the workers clearing that roof.

(that small patch of green among the white is the top of a tree.  Here's another view.)

On the roof at Pasty Central
The sun peaks through
Monday, January 4

On a day without sunshine, suddenly a fleeting ray hits the Houghton Township Building.  The storm has caused many Keweenaw events to be canceled.

(if  this picture had sound, we would have to shout to be heard) 


Sunday, January 3

Da' Groomer
Some of the best snowmobile trails in the U.P. are right here in the Copper Country.  A lot of the credit must go to the rugged men and women who brave the elements (in their heated cab, sipping their coffee) to keep those beautiful trails smooth.

(your Trail Permit dollars at work)

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