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July 27 - August 2, 2008
Saturday, August 2

Why are these men in a bucket truck over the trees in Mohawk?

Trimming branches or something else?
High in Mohawk

In port
Friday, August 1

The freighters beat a path all summer long to the Upper Harbor ore docks.

Making Marquette a busy hub.
Thursday, July 31
In Memory
Jeremy Halonen
Dr. Wayne Lehto
Kenneth Reed, Sr.
Arthur Suvanto
Sister Rose Celine Tauschek
Forever remembered
Into the sunset

Bright white
Wednesday, July 30

Colorful displays in Upper Michigan are at their peak.

Beautifying the peninsula's landscape.
Pretty Pink
Tuesday, July 29

The UP has a variety of animals, some you can get closer to, 

others you'll want to get away from.
Black and white gang
The Three Amigos

Gliding under
Monday, July 28

This year marks the 50 year anniversary of the Ranger III being put into service.

Come join the celebration.
Sailing out

Sunday, July 27

Remember the old fire tower overlooking Lac La Belle? 

It's revisited in today's Pasty Cameo.
Looking up
View from the top
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