The Pasty Cam
November 27 - December 3, 2005
Saturday, December 3

With snow falling here in the U.P., time to dust off bird feeders and put out seed.

A few peanuts are always a nice treat, too!
Snow squall
Friday, December 2

Lake effect snow strikes again along Superior's southern shore, the U.P.'s northern coast.

Can you spot 2 travelers?
Thursday, December 1

Are there other reasons for attending MTU, besides an engineering degree?

One may be the parking arrangements.
Lot 10
Wednesday, November 30
In memory
Tobin Adams
Gordon Bessolo
Catherine Dion
Robert “Tuny” Holzberger
Genevieve “Gennie” Jenich
John Matson
Esther Trudgeon
Gone before us.
Tuesday, November 29

What to do when U.P. weather keeps us inside?  Head to the kitchen for some comfort foods.

Add a bit of color to the day!
Rolling the dough
Panked trail
Monday, November 28

Heading into the U.P. North woods this time of year isn't always easy...

...unless you're a snowball in the wind.
On the roll...
Sunday, November 27

Four guys out for a stroll in 1908 - can you guess the famous structure they are building?

A Shoebox Memory from Erik Nordberg at the MTU Archives.
Sky walkers
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