The Pasty Cam
November 20 - 26, 2005
Saturday, November 26

Site of a shipwreck 86 years ago today, in Great Sand Bay on Sawtooth Reef.

Similar conditions on Big Lake this week.
Rough seas
Aerial-underwater view
Snowball fun
Friday, November 25

Snow, snow and more snow!  Winter has arrived (again!) UP North, putting smiles on youngsterís faces.

And blanketing everything in sight.
Thursday, November 24

A time to be thankful for the blessings in our lives, counting the small and big ones across the U.P.

And the World Wide Web, too!
Dawn of day
Turkey art
On the rocks
Wednesday, November 23

Changing temperatures, changing conditions, thatís how the U.P. has been bouncing around lately.

Confusing even downy covered residents.
On the rocks
Tuesday, November 22

A trip underground in the Quincy Mine brings to light some buried treasures left behind.

Take a closer look down in the hole.
Hole in the ground
Underground messages
Watching over the Bay
Monday, November 21

Making your way around Keweenaw Bay provides you with some beautiful sights to see.

Snowy beaches along Superiorís shore.
Foaming edges
Sunday, November 20

A memory about trestle timbers in the stamp mill at Freda... Some recycled around 1950. 
(guess where?)

A postcard from the new book by
Nancy Ann Sanderson
Shaft #2 or #4?
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