The Pasty Cam
September 25 - October 1, 2005
Saturday, October 1

Early morning fishing on Torch Lake this time of year calls for bundling up to stay warm.

Once the haze lifts, the view improves.
In a haze
In a haze
Setting sun
Friday, September 30
In Memory
Bernice Mae Archibald
Cheryl DePuydt
Larry Kaipio
Paul Laurn
Art Moilanen
Bill Penprase
Kenneth E. Stenson
Quietly remembered.
Thursday, September 29

Quite the burst of fall colors observed in this U.P. hillside flower and rock garden.

A quintet of pumpkins completes the scene.
Bountiful blooms
Bay view
Wednesday, September 28

Hues of fall around Keweenaw Bay range from ordinary everyday tones of blues...

notes emerging bursts of color.
Bay view
Tuesday, September 27

In search of a good spot for viewing another season of changing Keweenaw colors.

notes'll encounter plenty of directions.
This way - - that way
Moon river
Monday, September 26

On a recent clear night with full moon, the Bridge glows with an aura all its own.

That magical connection to the Keweenaw.
Sunday, September 25

This week marks 23 years since the last regular train crossing at the Portage Lift Bridge.

Do you know the last time any train crossed?
Last one out
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