The Pasty Cam
May 22 - 28, 2005
Saturday, May 28

The line between U.P. counties is usually marked by just a small sign alongside the highway.

So much beauty, it’s hard to tell one border from another.
You are now entering - -
Yummy for my tummy!
Friday, May 27

Folks who enjoy feeding the birds are used to dealing with a variety of backyard visitors.

Some are big, black and hungry!
Honey I'm home!
Thursday, May 26

Hues of sunrise coloring the morning mist are the reward for being an early bird in the U.P.

Starting your day off with peace and tranquillity.
Misty morning
Mining days
Wednesday, May 25

A mid-week “extra” Shoebox Memory takes the spotlight today as a reminder...

...the "Fourth Thursday in History" takes place tomorrow.
Tuesday, May 24

Navigational aides are a welcome sight, a must when sailing the rocky waters of Lake Superior.

Unless you want to end up submerged and in the history books!
On the rocks
Future fruit?
Monday, May 23

Blossoms are everywhere in the Keweenaw, helped by recent moisture laden days.

Waterfalls have also benefited from persistent rainfall.
Sunday, May 22

Memories of a unique neighborhood in the heart of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Once a bustling oasis of activity, now virtually abandonded.
The old base
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