The Pasty Cam
November 28 - December 4, 2004
Saturday, December 4

Things turn a little flaky this time of year in the U.P. - - B. J. Litsenberger zooms in on a few.

...before the rain washes them away.
Winter coat
Below freezing!
Friday, December 3

Scattered snow showers and falling temps, our present Copper Country weather.

Although a warm spell is on the way.
Thursday, December 2

Hard to miss a bright red lighthouse on a snow-covered bluff at Marquette.

Making a vivid beacon in light and color!
Castle light
Wednesday, December 1

Dogs, kids and snow - recipe for a good time outside in the Keweenaw.

Expect a few surprises :o)
Also What'sUP: Time for the tree:
In Calumet
Tuesday, November 30
In Memory
Marianne Strelec Anuta
Anne Bach
Hanngil "Hann" Hyun-Sung Cho
Dawn H. "Dani" Cho
Shirley Dulong
Elizabeth Fichtel
Charles E. Gustafson
William Kline
Robert Markham
Hubert "Hub" Perreault
Andrew Rogers
We pause and reflect.
Setting sun
Sleepy river
Monday, November 29

Arriving at the end of November and just beginning with our blanket of winter white.

Don't worry... we always receive our share!
Sunday, November 28

'Tis the season... for hockey in the Copper Country, birthplace of the professional sport.

...which happens to be on hiatus this year.
Shoebox memory
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