The Pasty Cam
October 10 - 16, 2004
Saturday, October 16

Overlooking Lake Linden, the water tower stands watch over the changing foliage.

Quietly providing both water and name recognition to the town.
Watering hole
Distant view
Friday, October 15

Looking over a U.S. Harbor of Refuge for both the big and small boats on Lake Superior.

Bordered by bursts of color on each side! EXTRA: Memories of another Oct 15:
Thursday, October 14

Fishing 'UP North' is relaxing during any of the four seasons, but add the color of fall...

You have the kind of day that relaxes down to your toes!.
Fall fishing
Autumn blush
Wednesday, October 13

Let's take a drive to check how the color spectrum looks in the central U.P.

Hues are spreading far and wide.
Tuesday, October 12

As fall deepens in the Keweenaw, you can hear the hush it brings with the season.

Punctuated by the whoo-whoo of a wise old bird.
On the road again
Monday, October 11

A country road, the smell of fall in the air, the sound of leaves falling to the ground....

Perfect for a leisurely stroll in the U.P.
Sunday, October 10

You can lead a deer to water, but you can't... well, maybe you can after all.

From the Shoebox (literally) of 
Joyce and Charles Hart
Have a drink, my deer
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