The Pasty Cam
September 26 - Octgober 2, 2004
Saturday, October 2

A crafty little creature, proving that where there's a will, there's a way!

Quick, hide the rest of the grapes!
They won't miss these...
Rock of Ages
Friday, October 1

A place in the U.P. where one of our Pasty Cam regulars spends a fair amount of his time:  Rockland, MI.

...with a bonus photo of the photog in action
Rock sitter
Thursday, September 30
In Memory
Michael J. Anuta
Carl Deiro
Lois Gariepy
Frank Jackovac
Paul P. Rastello
Donna Stark
Toni Tikkanen
In our thoughts.
Serene sunrise
Happy rock!
Wednesday, September 29

A creative display of shoreline gems to be found in and around Lake Superior.

Memories of long walks by the water.
Tuesday, September 28

A fishing paradise in the Upper Peninsula, it makes sense to have a bait shop in town.

Looks like they sell more than fish enticement...
Artistic ads
Can you see me now?
Monday, September 27

With fall in the air, grass in the fields turning yellow, you hear the distant honk up above...

Signaling migration of both geese and camouflaged folks.
Sunday, September 26

Houghton Fire Dept. Mites beat the Red Wings this weekend.

Hockey celebration in the Copper Country.
Skatebox Memory
Last night at Tech
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