The Pasty Cam
February 1 - 7, 2004
Saturday, February 7

Michigan Tech campus in Houghton has been invaded by icy creatures - -

Watch out, the penguin is loose!
Ice cold creatures
Snow covered and skiing
Friday, February 6

Looks like plenty of snow at the Maasto Hiihto trails.

Good amount on these skiers too :o)
Thursday, February 5

We return to a street in Houghton, visited once before....

This time looking down the avenue.
Houghton thoroughfare
Wednesday, February 4

Sno-Cat on the hill ...

Not exactly the thing you'd like to see when carving down the slopes.
Tuesday, February 3

Three new pasty connoisseurs... with their first taste from
Pasty Central.

But only two pasties and three hungry people?!
Yum, yum...
Any port in a storm!
Monday, February 2

Portage Entry (south) looks to be a good place of refuge for the ore freighters.

Three ships waiting it out during a high wind storm.
Sunday, February 1

A Shoebox Memory to go with the big statue building push this week at Michigan Tech.

One-nighter construction begins Feb. 4.
From Erik Nordberg, MTU Archives
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