The Pasty Cam
November 23 - 29, 2003
Saturday, November 29

Pasty Central hosts many great U.P. sites, including John Dee's Snow Central, where this little bird was found.

A Golden Pasty Award website.
Feathered friend
Photo by Shawn Monica Stone
Friday, November 28

Along the shore near Ontonagon the icy edge of Superior forms some lovely sculptures.

Let's take a closer look - -
Thursday, November 27
Happy Thanksgiving
Lots of folks are traveling for the holiday. More than a few will pass by here.
Watch your step.
Going down
Rosy cheeks
Wednesday, November 26

Ah, the joys of being young in the U.P... snowy days and friends to share in the fun.

Get the hot chocolate ready, Mom....
Tuesday, November 25

U.P. folks are hearty and resourceful.... Looks like the plant life has the same characteristics.

A tree with a view.
Young sprout
White trail
Monday, November 24

Oh yeah - - Heikki Lunta been doin' da snow dance along Superior shore.

There's more where that came from.
Sunday, November 23

This morning the U.P. awoke to a fresh blanket of snow...

Well - maybe not this much :o)
Shoebox Memories from Robert Torreano.
Winter's almost here
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