The Pasty Cam
May 4 - 10, 2003
Saturday, May 10

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Thomas team up to bring you a Pasty Cam moment from Curtis, MI.

He did the paddling, she did the clicking.
The awesome U.P.
Friday, May 9

We know it's somewhere in the 906 Area Code... A nest of some buzzing critters guards the entry to a disappearing landmark in many areas of the U.P..

Hope Z-Man brought along his cell phone.
Thursday, May 8

Lots of folks in the northern L.P. of Michigan have their roots in the U.P....

notes today's guest Camist, Leslie at the Northern Lights Lodge in Cadillac.
Pitcher plants
At Ontonagon
Wednesday, May 7

The final sliver of the sun sinks below the Lake, as Z-Man preserves the moment...

...along with a small audience.
Tuesday, May 6

The Sundew is tied up down at Houghton waterfront, next to the Medical Arts building.

Almost-live shot from Melissa Powers.
Land Ho
Monday, May 5

Donn de Yampert takes us off the beaten path, to an unusual crossroad in Escanaba.

Railroad, that is..
Sunday, May 4

A Copper Country fire hall 100 years ago, this week's Shoebox Memory.

Joan Shiroda Norton with a report about Hurontown.
All dressed up
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