The Pasty Cam
February 9 - 15, 2003
Saturday, February 15

Not all the ice art is at MTU.  Donn de Yampert spied some off campus.

Can't recall when it rained recently.
One stiff bush
Wind-swept Bay
Friday, February 14
Happy Valentine's Day
Between white-outs on the Keweenaw Peninsula, some great winter views this week.
AimeeR takes us back to Great Sand Bay.
Thursday, February 13

The snow sculpture competition is heating up at MTU, with the annual all-nighter.

Donn de Yampert brings a collection of samples from earlier in the week.
Well below freezing
New and improved!
Wednesday, February 12

Just in time for Winter Carnival, the Live Lift Bridge can be seen clearer than ever before .

Through the eye of a Pasty Cam which has seen a lot of action.
Tuesday, February 11

Remember to keep those mailboxes and Gazette tubes clear for your friendly carrier.

From the folks who brought you roof sledding and Pelkie Crop Circles.
The mail must go through
Photo by Dan Urbanski
Monday, February 10

Sara can't resist the temptation to shake this natural arch to see how much snow will fall off.

Where does she suppose it will land?
Sunday, February 9

A special Shoebox Memory, a long forgotten song - until recent events brought a reminder.

In Real Audio or MP3.
Look to the sky
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