The Pasty Cam
October 27 - November 2, 2002
Saturday, November 2

Snow on the ledge at Canyon Falls suggests how chilly that water must be.  Sue Hooker takes us to the edge...

...with a bonus shot of falls near L'Anse.
Rushing rapids
Photos by Daniel Wenberg
Friday, November 1

A little bit of the white stuff on the grounds of the Calumet Copper Kings, to kick off a new month.  .

And a snowy shot of Still Waters' garden in today's discussion.
Thursday, October 31
A Tribute
Paul Clemons
Dave Coltman
Bette Kaiser
Bertha Maki
Gertrude Strom
Cecilia Rost
Pausing to honor their memory
Photo by Gene Filipowicz
Quiet neighborhood
Wednesday, October 30

On his color tour this week, Donn passed by the SDC on MTU's campus.

This is the view across the road.
Tuesday, October 29

A couple of mid-Autumn reflections on the Portage canal from Donn de Yampert.

Color is still good in the Copper Country
Mining ruins
U.P. sign
Monday, October 28

Pasties are in the news in the U.P.  Read the press release about regulatory concerns.

Catch the controversy in Cam Notes
Sunday, October 27

On this day in history - 1972: The final run of the Copper Range Railroad.  Shoebox memory from Kevin Musser of

Stop by Kevin's site to see What's New
Photo by Chris Gleason
Men of the Range
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