The Pasty Cam
October 14 - 20, 2001
Tennis anyone ?
Saturday, October 20

Quite a bit of foliage for this week's archive.  Some of the color found on the Michigan Tech campus.

Seeing as much as we can before autumn leaves.
Friday, October 19

Back in the summer Scott Laurie climbed this tree up in the Keweenaw woods....

...and he promises to hoist the Pasty Cam there this winter.
Keweenaw Hills
Thursday, October 18
Waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Jeff Buckett discovered a pair of talking heads as he was clearing the lawn.
Some of our Cam notes readers have requested a few leaves from the northwoods.
Peaceful Autumn day
Wednesday, October 17

The north/east end of Brockway Drive descends into Copper Harbor.  Sharon Smith has a view of the ridge from her deck.

See also keeps a journal and is working on a web cam at the Harbor.
Tuesday, October 16

A couple of weeks ago we saw the vegetation outside the Lancet Glass building... here's the view from inside.

Don Schwenk shows us the view from his loft.
Look through any window
Overlooking Keweenaw Bay
Monday, October 15

Old Glory waves in the autumn breeze high on the bluff where Bishop Baraga keeps watch.

The Snowshoe Priest..
Sunday, October 14

Can you imagine a train wreck at Dollar Bay?  It happened in the 1930's.

From the shoebox of Robert Wetton.
Quincy locomotive
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