The Pasty Cam
February 4 - 10, 2001
Saturday, February 10

When the sun momentarily peeked through this afternoon, this is what you might have seen here in the U.P....

notes car is under there somewhere.
Today's WOW, by Dan Urbanski
Friday, February 9
An icy kingdom

More Winter Carnival action in today's notes
Thursday, February 8

Lots of activity at the MTU Winter Carnival all-nighter. The Pasty Cam was there and sauntered around among the crowd of statue sidewalk superintendents.

The scene on College Avenue.
Yooper night life.
Waking a new day
Wednesday, February 7

About 5 miles west of Copper Harbor, north of M-26 and Lake Glazon, you can feel the sunrise.

...courtesy of guest photographer Al Romig of Houston, relayed by Pasty Cam watcher James Floriani of Wisconsin.
Tuesday, February 6

Steve Brimm spends some time behind bars with this captivating view of the Keweenaw sunset. 

Or is it a sunrise?
Brimmage flavored popsicles
Mid-Winter Lake Michigan
Monday, February 5

Not Lake Superior this time, instead it's Lake Michigan.  Doug Smith from downstate provides a guest Cam-shot...

...of his brother Dennis slipping through the ice dunes near Mackinaw City..
Sunday, February 4

This is actually quite a zoom of the scene at Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Hancock, as firemen battle flame in the attic. 

The big picture reveals the rest of the story.
Photo by Jon Hopper
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