The Pasty Cam
December 10 - 16,2000
Saturday, December 16

We conclude an unusual week with a unique work of art by "Florida", whose comments occasionally grace these pages.

Congratulations on a lovely piece.
Eagle Harbor Light Cross Stitch
Have a seat
Friday, December 15

Wintertiiime... and the livin' is eeasy... well, actually Winter is still a week away.

Dan Urbanski introduces a new guest 
Pasty Camist
Thursday, December 14

Yesterday's Cam photo brought back memories for many former Copper Country residents.  Today the discussion continues.

...historical photos courtesy of Bob Wetton.
Fatal crash at Laurium airport
The old Airport
Wednesday, December 13

Next door to the Bicentennial Arena in Laurium, an airfield from days past.  Snowmobiles and ballfields occupy the former runway area.

The big picture reveals more of this stone masonary building.
Tuesday, December 12

Bob and Shirl Wetton of Dollar Bay give as a glimpse of their world at daybreak.  The snow continues to fall.

...and you can keep up with it on the Snow Thermometer page.
Dollar Bay Sunrise
Along the shore
Monday, December 11

Makes you wonder if Dan Urbanski ever comes in out of the cold.  Wouldn't be surprised if he breaks out his kayak.

By the way, 4 of Dan's shots this year are high on the list of votes for the 2001 Pasty Cam Calendar
Jon H.: "I demand a re-count!"
Sunday, December 10

Overnight the fresh snow and wind made a cake-icing effect on the cars.  The Buick under this fluffy blanket has carried 1,000's of pasties in previous years.

Although during 2000 the Airborne guys have taken over that task..
Stepping out the front door
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