The Pasty Cam
December 13 - 19
 Saturday, December 19

Heavy wet snow weighs down the pine branches today in the Keweenaw.  This is the way winter was meant to be...

(...just in time for winter's arrival next week)

The Outhouse Cam
Kaleva, on main street in Hancock
Friday, December 18

Pasty Cam is almost blinded by the snow this morning in Hancock.  Between the wipers we catch a glimpse of the Kaleva Cafe and D&N Bank farther down on Quincy Street.

<==(that school bus is just about to pass Gemignani's Restaurant)

 Thursday, December 17

Barb Gariepy's first grade class provides the Christmas carols and laughter today for the folks at Still Waters in Calumet.  The Copper Country finally had some snow, though only a dusting.

(more is in the forecast)

Carollers in the snow
Where's the snow??
Wednesday, December 16

Last year at this time the Douglass Houghton monument was severely cracking and losing some of its stones.  (Each county in the state of Michigan is represented by a native stone in the monument's base).  Then on the first day of Spring... was featured on the Pasty Cam.  Several families and individuals made donations to Still Waters to oversee repairs.  Today it is ready to face the winter, and dressed for the season courtesy of North Shore Wreath and Garland.

(Thank-you to all who helped with this project.  What should we do for the Keweenaw next year?)

Windy, snowless December
Tuesday, December 15

Terrific winds throughout the day.  Trees down, waves up.  Weather system threatens to bring snow...

(...promises, promises)

 Monday, December 14

Normally this newspaper tube is deep in a snowbank.  Normally this hockey player would have lots of ice to practice on... but not when it's 56° (at midday in mid-December in the Keweenaw).

(the last snowfall was almost a month ago)

All dressed up and no place to skate
Sunday, December 13

The new Secretary of State's office in Mohawk, next door to the Whitehouse Motel.  Under the tarp is a hexagonal "lighthouse" cap for the finishing touch.  We'll check back later when it's complete... and when there's a little snow

(could you ever imagine a lighthouse in Mohawk??)

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