The Pasty Cam
November 21 - 27, 1999
Saturday, November 27

With the light snowfall, it was a great day for a collection of shots around the ruins at Central Mine...

Quite a few of our visitors have requested this spot, and mining history in general.

Historic District...
Summer home at Central Mine
Friday, November 26

First snow cover of the 99-00 season seen on the Pasty Cam!  Last year's first "sticking snow" here at Central Mine came in the first week of November.

Time to rev up the old Snow Thermometer!

Thursday, November 25
Happy Thanksgiving
A clear and snowless holiday in the Copper Country... Looking across to the Ripley side of the Portage Canal.

We've had requests to see more of the old mining buildings.  What would you like to see?

Reminder of the Copper boom
Mouse Power!
Wednesday, November 24

95 year-young Elizabeth Wertheim checks out the new cable modem connection at Still Waters.  Our thanks to the folks at Bresnan for this high speed Internet resource.

The Pasty Cam is a window on our world.

Tuesday, November 23 

Yesterday the skies cleared long enough to see the correct time... Eagle Harbor time, that is.  This high-tech device is mounted on the Harbor General Store... 

...the scene of  some fierce pumpkin competition recently

Does anybody really know what time it is?
A kinder, gentler November
Monday, November 22 

The rush is on to wrap up the shipping season before you-know-who arrives.    Gloomy, overcast skies today, but nowhere near freezing. 

                                                                       Although snow is forecast by mid-week..

Sunday, November 21

Another long standing request delivered by the Pasty Cam.  At the Ambassador Restaurant in Houghton.. 

These guys have been at this game a long time...

Famous art downtown
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