The Pasty Cam
November 14 - 20, 1999
Saturday, November 20

Incredibly mild Autumn in the Keweenaw this year.  Yesterday's warm rain even perked up the Petunias. 

Almost Thanksgiving and we've not even had a killing frost. 

Late Bloomers
Yooper girls invade Hancock
Friday, November 19

Last night's action at the Girls' District Basketball Tournament.  In this match, it was Houghton over Calumet 44 to 35. 

That's some mighty good looking hardwood

Thursday, November 18

The Coast Guard crew gets an early start before sunrise, doing all those "end of season" tasks before the snow comes.  That's the lift bridge in the background.

Wonder if they have a sale on used bouys? 

Time to tend the bouys
The Road Ahead
Wednesday, November 17

Something about the back roads of the Keweenaw that always beckons...  even in this "in-between" time, after the leaves and before the snow.

Drive safely and watch for deer

Tuesday, November 16

Pasty Cam was a little late in the day (actually moments before midnight before being uploaded).  We had hoped to see the meteor shower over the lake.

By the way, the Pasty Cam has never missed a day since starting almost 2 years ago.

Shot by Barbro and Pelle Mohlin
Historic steeples in the Copper Country
Monday, November 15

A few weeks ago we spotted these peaks at a distance...
...and today let's take a closer look.

Saint Paul's Church on 8th in Calumet

 Sunday, November 14

Driving down Quincy Hill this morning, just before sunrise, it seemed that every light in Houghton was glowing. 

If you were with us last April, you saw the spring sunrise from the scenic turnout just ahead.

November daybreak over Houghton/Hancock
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