Saturday, October 3
Let's cruise the Portage Canal
Yesterday Captain Don Kilpela treated the Still Waters residents to our annual boat ride and color tour.  Come along with us on the 
Isle Royal Queen III.
(images will take a few seconds to load, but... here we go)
The Jampot at Jacob's Falls
Friday, October 2

Though it has been slow in coming, the colors are beautiful as always.  You could choose no better place than the Keweenaw to spend this weekend.

(lots of traffic at the Jampot this morning)

 Thursday, October 1

We are often asked: "What does the Pasty Cam look like?"  A hand-held mirror at arms length reveals a Sony Mavica FD-7 taking a picture of itself taking a picture on the first day of October.  The Lake is choppy this morning.

(here's a wider view of the Pasty Cam's backyard)

A mirror, a camera, a Great Lake
Elmo in the woods
Wednesday, September 30

The sun peeked out awhile this afternoon and made Elmo work up a sweat.  He's clearing a trail up to his observation tower at Phoenix.

(Elmo Negro is the former Houghton Township Supervisor)

Tuesday, September 29

A little overcast today in the Copper Country.  By far, the best color this year is along Cliff Drive - even better than Brockway.

(We'll probably see the peak this weekend.)

Trees on Cliff Drive
Grass at Lac La Belle
Monday, September 28

The Pasty Cam gets our feet wet in the early morning dew on the grassy shore of Lac La Belle.

(Loons and geese are singing duets in the distance.  Summer doesn't want to leave.)

Dreamland Restaurant Sunday, September 27

A good day for some color watching, with a stop at the Dreamland Restaurant for dinner...  May we recommend the Bootjack Dip.

(Visitors have frequently asked to see this landmark)

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