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September 19 - 25, 1999
Saturday, September 25

A bright new beacon bulb?  No, it's a full moon perched on the southern tower of the Portage Lift Bridge, as seen from the Ramada Inn landing.

...and you can see the bridge live night and day here at Pasty Central.

Lift Bridge last night
Solar powered traffic lights
Friday, September 24

Out here in the middle of nowhere, the Keweenaw County Road Commission touches up a snowmobile crossing over US 41 (just down the hill from the snow thermometer).

Compare today's big picture with last February in this very spot.

Thursday, September 23

The arrival of Autumn finds an abundant harvest at the Somero Family Farm in the Keweenaw.

Boot camp for jack-o-lanterns.

You are here.
Wednesday, September 22

Here's a window into a larger view of College Avenue on this sunny, pleasant last day of summer.  That's Michigan Tech up ahead.

Welcome to the Kee-1-aw.

Tuesday, September 21

Today's mystery lady was spied in the beanie baby department of the ice cream parlor behind The Old Country Store in Copper Harbor. Who is she? Barbara Doyle Petrie, a Pasty Cam request.

...and the big picture takes you souvenir shopping. 

Gift Shop
Horseshoe Harbor
Monday, September 20

Just before sunrise at Horseshoe Harbor, part of the nature conservancy of Michigan - dedicated to the protection and study of our natural heritage.

This is the view from the logging trail north of Copper Harbor.

 Sunday, September 19

A drizzly start to a new week... the Pasty Cam rubs noses with a couple of year-round residents near Watersmeet.

Unusually high rainfall this month has delayed the fall colors.

Don't Shoot
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