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September 12 - 18, 1999
Saturday, September 18

We've gone all week without a view of the Lake?  Shame on us... let's sit here on the shore awhile and watch the big boats bound for Duluth.

Is that someone on the deck waving?

On the edge of Superior
Tech's finest
Friday, September 17

K-day at McLain State park finds sunny skies, cool temps, and good times.  The MTU 
Public Safety cars on hand show off a new logo design.

...and the big picture shows just a little color in the trees. 

Thursday, September 16

This week the Copper Country has some very interesting cloud patterns, probably an overflow from Hurricane Floyd out east.

Spotted from Bumbletown Hill looking back toward the Porcupine Mountains.

Da Bridge
Wednesday, September 15

Last year the lift bridge was painted... this year the pavement is being re-done.  On our live "bridge cam" page you may catch a glimpse of the workers....

...and the occasional delays.

Tuesday, September 14

From Isle Royale, our final report for the season.  This is a spot across from Rock Harbor known as Edisen Fishery.  Let the big picture take you there.

Special recognition to Andy Ewart and Jonathan Hopper for their great views from the Island throughout the summer. 

Ford Fishery
Downtown Hancock
 Monday, September 13

Overcast morning in Hancock with occasional rain.  That's the Community Arts Center on the right, Trading Post is the brown and yellow building.

If these buildings weren't here, we could see the lift bridge from this point.

 Sunday, September 12

Ever see the lookout tower on the way down to Eagle Harbor via the cutoff road?  This spring is near its base. the Copper Falls roadside park

Copper Falls park
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