The Pasty Cam
September 5 - 11, 1999
Saturday, September 11

Ray and Carole Krueger stop for a drink at the ancient water pipe on the cutoff road to Eagle Harbor.  Today it's dry as a bone.

Here's another view of the old pipe, behind which Carole and her dog are standing.

The old Artesian well
Lake View Cemetery
Friday, September 10

Today we pay our respects at Lake View, and bid farewell to the green leaves of summer.  Colors are just beginning to appear in the Copper Country.

You can see a hint of red in the big picture.

Thursday, September 9

Red sky at night, sailors delight.  Yesterday morning we saw a rainy sunrise on the east side of the Keweenaw... then last night the Pasty Cam caught this tranquil scene on the western shore...

The view across Eagle Harbor.

Eagle Harbor Light
Near the tip of the Keweenaw
Wednesday, September 8

What started as a rainy day along Superior's edge, appears to be turning sunny.  There must be a rainbow somewhere.

Today's Big Picture is a classic Pasty Cam experience.

Tuesday, September 7

A landmark requested by several Pasty Cam visitors... the Chatter Box.  No, this is Laurium, not Lake Wobegon.

Notice the sunrise design at the roof.

The Chatter Box Cafe
Final summer camp out
Monday, September 6
Happy Labor Day

A little chilly this morning... let's start a campfire here on the beach, just like last night.

Wasn't it great to fall asleep with the gentle sound of the waves?

 Sunday, September 5

One of the first sights to greet visitors to Calumet: Sacred Heart Church...  Big picture shows the marker "In memory of the unborn child"

Another Pasty Cam shot by request

Sacred Heart Church
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