The Pasty Cam
August 8 - 14, 1999
Saturday, August 14

Meet Oakley and Astro, Lake Superior wonderdogs.  Rumor has it, these guys are the life guards at McLain State Park.

...and you may have read about them on Past-E-Mail (see August 9)

Anybody for a swim?
Aerial view of Eagle River
Friday, August 13

The red-roofed white building on the right side, near the middle, is the Eagle River Courthouse.  Big Picture shows more sandbar detail.

Should we be this high on Friday the 13th?

 Thursday, August 12

Pasty Cam guy got wet this morning in Eagle Harbor.  Rain over the whole Great Lakes Region.

Quite a different day last July when Joel and Sarah Rosenbaum posed at the other end of this beach for today's guest Pastyvision...

Rainy day on the beach
Joel and Sarah at Eagle Harbor
Another Wedding... another time... see August Past-E-Mail for 8-12-99
John Hackman and Friends
Wednesday, August 11

Oh... did we mention, some great fishing in the Keweenaw, both inland lakes and the big one.

Here's some that didn't get away

Tuesday, August 10

One of the many great places to spend some time (and a little raha) in Copper Harbor.  Tell Barb and the staff you saw it on the Pasty Cam.

From the Old Finn dictionary:

RAHA (rah' hah) n. cash, bucks, loot, dough, filthy luchre, bread, coin, green stuff, money
Old Country Store US-41 and M26 in Copper Harbor
Thayers Lake -- Between Gay and Fulton
Monday, August 9

As we continue around the U.P. (and the Keweenaw in particular) the Pasty Cam pauses on an old logging road bridge at the northeast corner of  Thayers Lake.

This spot was requested a long time ago.  Took us a while to find it.

Sunday, August 8
Practice makes perfect
The big day
To all who have requested shots from Gitche Gumee (in Eagle River), here is a rare 2-day timelapse view from the Carpenter-Johnson wedding celebrated this weekend.  First came the rehearsal (left) and then the real thing.  Notice bride Olivia was smiling both days.
The left Big Picture features Uncle Charlie on the bridge.
The right Big Picture captures the moment after the garter toss.

Yes... We do have weddings in Pastyland.  Here are more pictures

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