The Pasty Cam
August 1 - 7, 1999
Daisy Farm landing on Isle Royale
Saturday, August 7

On the dock at Rock Harbor... On this overcast day, another great view from Isle Royale, which is a part of Keweenaw County.

By the way, we also want to give a special welcome to all MTU Alumni who are in the Copper Country this weekend for their combined reunion.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: WJR 760AM in Detroit for their live broadcast from Still Waters Assisted Living Community (the home of Pasty Central) on Saturday morning, 8/7/99.  Live web cam pictures were also carried from 8:30 - 9:00am.  Thanks, Foster and Gary!
 Friday, August 6

Future landscape genius Brendan Jacques bogs down in some Keweenaw tall-grass, as he helps Dad trim the lawn... while Dad captures the scene on digital film.

Guest Pasty Cam shot by Shane Jacques.

Time to cut the lawn
Beyond the rocks on Lakeshore Drive
Thursday, August 5

Mid-summer beauty on the rugged stretch of highway between Copper and Eagle Harbors known as Lakeshore Drive. 

The Big Picture reveals a hidden detail .

Wednesday, August 4

A well known apartment community high on the hill in Houghton.  Many Still Waters residents lived here first.

Another Pasty Cam request fulfilled...

...what would you like to see?

Arbor Green in Houghton
On Lookout Louise Trail, Isle Royale
Tuesday, August 3

On the hiking trail between Tobin Harbor and Lookout Louise (east end of Isle Royale), Peter Rabbit seems to be checking out the thimbleberries.

Don't see him yet?  Try the big picture.

Monday, August 2

The Pasty Cam gets up close and personal with some Keweenaw blueberries.  Plenty of rain this summer has produced an abundance.

Yesterday's Past-E-Mail included this request.

We grow 'em big in the U.P.
Ahh...To be a kid again...
Sunday, August 1

Daughter and Dad play tag with waves at Calumet Waterworks Park, in this guest Pasty Cam photo by Ginia Blaksley.

The recent heat has given way to clear skies, cool and breezy.

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