The Pasty Cam
July 11 - 17, 1999
Saturday, July 17

On this ideal day in the U.P. (cool temps, no bugs) you can walk along the tracks with the Pasty Cam and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Many miles of railroad currently unused in our area.

The Road Less Traveled
Fun at Bete Gris (bay de GREE')
Friday, July 16

Local track star Eric Bastian (right) and summer resident Josh Johnson roast hot dogs along with a crowd of campers at Bete Gris this week... and the Land Company says nobody ever uses this beach. (they want to divide & sell it)

Eric won the men's 5k Popeye Run this year.

Thursday, July 15

Hazy, misty sunrise this morning, looking east toward Copper City from Bumbletown Hill.  The big picture gives an awesome view past Ahmeek, Mohawk, and to the Cliffs.

Last year  here on a clear day we had aPastyvision

Sunrise on Bumbletown Hill
Old Ice-House at Smith Fisheries
Wednesday, July 14

Leaving only footprints and taking only pictures, the Pasty Cam pays a visit to Smith Fisheries, by request.

The big picture shows today's view back toward the bluffs.. 

Tuesday, July 13

Another Pasty Cam guest photo: 

During our visit to the U.P. (from Texas) to attend our parents 50th Anniversary, we took a drive around the Keweenaw to Copper Harbor and came across these Lupins growing wild by the road near Gay.

...Paula (Abramson) Shipman
Lupins near Gay
The Net River
Monday, July 12

It is only fitting that this lovely stream has finally made it to cyberspace (on the Pasty Cam, no less).  This is the Net River.

Today the Net is on the 'Net. 

Sunday, July 11

A beautiful mid-summer day for a drive.  Greetings to our nearest neighbors from all of your friends in the U.P.

This fall, should we root for the Lions or the Packers?

Our neighbors to the south
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