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July 4 - 10, 1999
Saturday, July 10

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy... boots?  This week, guest Pasty Cam'ra-man Andy Ewart captured an encounter on Isle Royale, which is also part of the Keweenaw...

...and Andy has promised us regular shots from the Island throughout the summer

Fox on Isle Royale
Rainy day in the Keweenaw
Friday, July 9

Raining cats and dogs today all over the U.P.  Not a good day to lose a hubcap... or maybe he's checking out the wild strawberries.

Man with beard spotted on the Ahmeek end of Cliff Drive.

Thursday, July 8

Now you can visit Crystal Falls on the web.  A good stopover on your way up to the Keweenaw...

Don't all roads eventually lead you to the Copper Country?

Crystal Falls, MI
Yooper ingenuity
Wednesday, July 7

No, it's not a cannon... it's a cleverly designed yooper tow truck, spotted in the Iron Mountain area.

...Pasty Cam is roaming a bit this week.

Tuesday, July 6

One of the most requested sights for the Pasty Cam:  a walk along Superior's shore.  The lake's level is way down this year...

...which makes for some extra wide beaches

Copper Harbor fireworks
Monday, July 5

Some of the rockets over Porter Island exploded early in last night's show at Copper Harbor.  Mother Nature joined in with a little thunder and lightning.

Big picture is from Lake Linden's display the night before.

Sunday, July 4

A lovely day for a drive to McLain State Park... and along the way we stop by the Lakeview Cemetery.  Pasty Cam quietly captures the monument honoring the men and women from the U.P. who have defended our freedom over the past two centuries.

Happy Independence Day

Lakeview Cemetery
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