The Pasty Cam
June 27 - July 3, 1999
 Saturday, July 3

Bill Smith, event organizer, instructs runners at the Popeye.  The weather cooperated by holding the rain until after the races (5 and 10k). 

Here are some scenes from last year's race

The Popeye Run, Eagle Harbor
The Popeye Rock
Friday, July 2

It's quiet this morning at the Popeye Rock (on the cutoff road between US 41 and Eagle Harbor)... but tomorrow, this is the starting line of the 20th annual Popeye Run.

"Between a Rock and a Great Place"

NOTE:  see George's Eagle Harbor for stats

Thursday, July 1

The sun makes an appearance between scattered showers, and greets July with a bit of color - rainbow over the Douglass Houghton Monument. 

Last year Pasty Central visitors helped to restore this landmark.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Domesticated birdies
Wednesday, June 30

A flock of wild Pink Flamingos were spotted today on the hillside in Hancock.  Actually, this flock looks pretty tame.

If we're not mistaken, this is on White Street

Tuesday, June 29

Accelerated summer sessions at MTU occasionally call for a field trip.  These future surveyors seem to enjoy time away from the classroom

Hosted by Lake Superior Land Company

Students in the woods
Guess where...
Monday, June 28

Any ideas on the identity of this perspective?  Look at the big picture (same point, aimed more to the left) then look back here.

Hint:  The infamous Pasty Cam strike took place here last year in June.

Answer: Eagle River Bridge

Sunday, June 27

It has been a while since we strolled through the garden at Still Waters.  A year ago we featured a virtual tour.

...and today's big picture takes you down a flowered path.

The Garden at Still Waters
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