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May 30 - June 5, 1999
Saturday, June 5

The sky grew so dark today over Cat Harbor that satellite reception was briefly interrupted. And if we linger here for a moment, we may catch a glimpse of lightning.

You can almost hear the wind and thunder...

Another rainy day in the Keweenaw
Superior Sunset
Friday, June 4

Look at this for a moment...
Give up?  Yes it's a sunset over Lake Superior, but there's more.  Let the big picture show you... 
...(as Paul Harvey would say)... 
...the rest of the story.

Wonder if Paul Harvey likes pasties?

 Thursday, June 3

On last month's Past-E-Mail page, some concern was expressed regarding copper mining pollution. Share your comments on June's PastyMail.

Is it PastyMail or Past-E-Mail??

Lake Linden water tower
Fishing at a picnic.....
Wednesday, June 2

Clear skies are back in the Keweenaw, and so are the picnickers.  A rare treat: it's cool enough to keep away the blackflies.

What body of water is this?
Find out in today's big picture.

Tuesday, June 1

Boy, what a big bouy!  And that anchor's not tiny either.  The Eagle Harbor lighthouse museum isn't open yet, but there's some interesting stuff here in the yard.

Sun peaks out for a minute, then rain again.

Great Lakes relics
Lilacs and Old Glory
Monday, May 31
Happy Memorial Day
The Stars and Stripes proudly wave over camps in the Keweenaw on this overcast final day of May.
Even Elmo  traded the 
Red Wings banner for the Red, White and Blue... to see=>
Saint Elmo's Tower
Sunday, May 30

Looking across to Mt. Baldy, one of the Pasty Cam's favorite spots to watch the full moon rise...  Click the big picture and you'll see why (Lake Bailey).

Drive carefully this Memorial Day weekend

Moonrise at Mount Baldy
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