The Pasty Cam
May 23 - 29, 1999
Saturday, May 29

A whole lot of tall grass and black flies today in the Keweenaw...  Socks pulled over pants, gloves tight around sleeves, bug net tucked in collar.

...and somehow the pesky critters still find a way to get in...

Watch out for those blackflies...
Bird's eye view of the Keweenaw
Friday, May 28

What a beautiful day for a wing-walk!  Pasty Cam goes airborn courtesy of Keweenaw Video Productions.  First we swoop over Eagle Harbor...

...and the big picture swings back over Copper Harbor and Lake Fanny Hooe
© 1999 Keweenaw Video Productions

 Thursday, May 27

A frequent contributor to the Pasty Cam, Jon Anderson hangs out at Copperworld when he's not behind the lens.

Some of Jon's past shots include:
Lake Superior shipping
-  The Portage Canal turnout 
Copper Harbor Lighthouse.

Welcome to Copperworld!
Can't wait for summer...
Wednesday, May 26

Yipee! The rain has stopped.  Boo hoo!  The bugs are back.  Hurray!  School is almost out.  Aaarghh!  You still have to study for final exams.

That's the old Calumet State Police post up ahead, which we saw back in March.

 Tuesday, May 25

Over on the Past-E-Mail page ten days ago we promised this view after a good rain. Seems like it has poured constantly in the Keweenaw since then.

...again Big Picture reverses the perspective

Bridge/falls at Gitche Gumee
Living forest...
Monday, May 24

Heavy spring rains have brought an abundance of green to the woods. Wonder if this ancient log made any sound when it fell?

Out by the old Allouez dump.

Sunday, May 23

On the way to church, Pasty Cam sees evidence of lost control, corner of Pine and Calumet Ave. (US 41).  One roadsign flattened...  hope nobody was hurt.

Big picture shows view in opposite direction... yes, the rain is still here

Mis-hap at Pine and US 41
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