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May 16 - 22, 1999
 Saturday, May 22

Sunshine returned in time for the weekend.  As we sit in line at the lift bridge, here's the view toward the Houghton side.  The big picture shows a bit of US 41 curving up toward the Copper Country Mall.

...and a few cars on their way to see the latest Star Wars movie

Traffic on the Portage Canal
Picnic anyone?
Friday, May 21

Guess it's too soon for that picnic we promised at the Esrey roadside park (see 5/19).  It has been a wet week here in the Copper Country.

love the way it smells after a spring rain...
Keweenaw lightning

Thursday, May 20

The second lighthouse we've glimpsed this week... with a unique waterside perspective here in Eagle Harbor.  Better head for shore... thunderstorms are moving in to the U.P.

PastyCam guest shot from Keweenaw Video
© 1999 Keweenaw Video Productions

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse
In the pavillion at Esrey Park
Wednesday, May 19

Quite overcast early this morning at Esrey Park (N.E. of Eagle Harbor on M-26), Pasty Cam's flash went off here in the covered shelter.

The Big Picture takes you there in natural light.  Let's come back Friday for a picnic.

Tuesday, May 18

This driver isn't waiting for his truck to change colors... He's stopped at our newest traffic light. Just north of Phoenix, the light temporarily sorts out our heavy 8^) traffic caused by US-41 bridge repairs.

Northern-most stoplight in the U.P.!   See the Big Picture for a better view.

Waiting at the traffic light
Five Mile Point Road
Seen here halfway between Farmers Block Road
and Sand Hills Lighthouse.
Monday, May 17

Early drizzle has given way to a midday haze.  Perfect conditions for a leisurely cruise down Five Mile Point road.
Sand Hills Lighthouse

Sunday, May 16

Armed with axe and grapling hook, this rugged lumberjack is a silent time traveler, a reminder of former days here in the north woods.  Can you name the town where this memorial stands?

Dozens answered, here was the first correct:
"The Pioneer Park on main street in Dollar Bay" - Margaret (Stetter) Francis

Pioneer Park Memorial
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