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May 9 - 15, 1999
 Saturday, May 15

Brilliant flashes of sunshine like a strobe-light through the pines as we cruise down Lakeshore Drive around noon today.  A line of about 100 Harley's streak by...

...but PastyCam's batteries were dead! Power is retored just in time to catch this guy bringing up the rear...

no kidding... there were 100...
Cyclist on M-26
Expansion at Gitche Gumee
Friday, May 14

For all of our Gitche Gumee friends, volunteer workers have been hard at it the last couple of weeks... new handicapped access bathrooms being added.

On the left is Mel Jones, our resident Civil War expert in the Keweenaw

 Thursday, May 13

By request, here's how it looks today at the old Dollar Bay school.  The big picture takes you around to the playground.

Sunny, dry conditions continue in the Copper Country.

School in Dollar Bay
Passage Island Lighthouse
Map of Isle Royale
Wednesday, May 12

Courtesy of Keweenaw Video Productions, the Pasty Cam makes a day trip to Isle Royale, just in time to see one of the big boats round the point at Passage Island.  An oil spill has been reported further south at Windigo, over 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel.  According to the Daily Mining Gazette, U.P. Engineering is developing a cleanup plan.

Our thanks to Don Hermanson of

P.S.:  If you have an interesting shot of any Northern Michigan destination, we welcome guest photos on the Pasty Cam

Tuesday, May 11

Another Pasty Cam first:  Copper Country mud, showing how quickly dry conditions returned after last week's rain.  Big Picture makes interesting wallpaper.

spotted this morning in the very place where last Saturday's scene was captured

Mud.  That's right... MUD
Superior sunset
Monday, May 10

The forest fires across the U.P. in the past week have made for some dazzling sunsets... but then, Superior is always dazzling.

What a Great Lake!

Sunday, May 9
Happy Mother's Day
News Flash: Elmo's tower has risen again!  The Pasty Cam guys climbed the cliffs and battled some big black flies to bring you the view from the top:

Looking down on the Phoenix Church and Phoenix Store.  Another shot reveals the scene from below.

Red Wing's flag proudly waves
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